Launch of HAIBALโ€™s development

June 23, 2021

Every journey has a beginning and let’s bet that we will succeed in developing a complete deep learning library that is easy to use, ergonomic and suitable for academics and engineers.

This task is clearly hard so let’s remember Hannibal the Carthaginian general who crossed the Alps with his army and his elephants to surprise the Romans on their own territory.


Our first approach will be to develop the whole project in native LabVIEW.

By doing this, our idea is to follow the performance evolutions of LabVIEW brought by the Nationals Instruments teams in the speed of code execution, resource management, loop optimizations or improvements in operations (BLASโ€ฆ).
We wonโ€™t hide that we like NI so it seemed natural to us. ๐Ÿฅฐ