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Consult the last HAIBAL update note.

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Graiphic 365 installation & management software

Use GIM our unified installation platform to take advantage of all our products (HAIBAL the LabVIEW deep learning toolkit and TIGR, Tensor and image by Graiphic).

LabVIEW is required to use our toolkits.

Frequently asked questions

How to install the HAIBAL and TIGR toolkits ?

Graiphic toolkits are available exclusively on the Graiphic software management platform, GIM.
Install GIM to benefit from all the toolkits offered by Graiphic.

Does toolkit support GPU acceleration?

Of course, you must first install the compatibility drivers with GIM.

Which version of LabVIEW is supported by the toolkit ?

LabVIEW 2020 and 2023 in 64 bit. 32 bit versions will arrive progressively during the year 2024.

How to buy a license ?

You can contact us directly by mail or on this form page.

Online shop will be available soon.

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