About us

Coming from a background in computer architecture within the field of automation and embedded systems, our approach is more functional in nature. We utilize our deep learning tool HAIBAL to expedite our AI developments and have the capability to swiftly architect any type of model. Subsequently, we efficiently design the appropriate training methods tailored to each model and seamlessly integrate these models into intricate system architectures.

Youssef Menjour

Youssef Menjour

Founder and CTO

There is no genius without madness and believe me at Graiphic we do not lack ambition in this area. We are going to make LabVIEW a real deep learning language and our teams the best in this field.

AloΓ―s Lien

AloΓ―s Lien

Founder and CFO

True freedom is expensive, that’s why I give everything for the success of our projects.

Our Approach

Always be trained, always be on the lookout and never rest on our laurels.

Our Missions

Make customers’ lives easier, give them access to deep learning on LabVIEW and help them make their project a success.

Our Vision

Establish LabVIEW as the reference language in industrial and scientific deep learning.

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