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    Peter HerrmannPeter Herrmann

      Dear Youssef,

      After installing the new Haibal version for LV2022 serious errors occurred!
      I can no longer run my previous VIs (compiling error)

      I then programmed a new VI from scratch, but when I add Haibal VIs and save and start I get an error message “VI fail to compile error”.

      fail to compile
      I then opened your medunet example, deleted a Haibal VI (e.g. mono_input_4D) and inserted it again.

      Then the VI could no longer be started (compiling error)

      fsil to compile
      2.)  The Metrics icon (in the Advanced palette) can no longer be dragged and dropped into the diagram.


      Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to look for the error, to reprogram Vis, etc.
      So far I haven’t been able to complete a single training session, which is a bit frustrating.
      I hope you will find the bug.

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      Youssef MENJOURYoussef MENJOUR

        Dear Peter,

        Thank you for sending me your code by mail, I did a check.

        (we made a lot of changes and I removed the metric in the advanced palette because a new more complete metric is coming in the next version (2 -3 -4 -5 -6 D)).

        We apologize for this loss of time, it is because the next version introduces a lot of changes. After the release of version 1.3, this will not happen again.


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