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      Release Notes V1.3.1

      You can also consult this page for a better reading comfort. Download link

      Date of release

      20 February 2024

      Fichier 10


      Features Bugs Fixed Comments
      Example correction “tigr_event_annotation” error Error indicated by custom and corrected
      Addition of MatchTemplate function Function added to search for a pattern in an image and outline the findings
      Correction of ColorImageToU32Array function Problem with function and memory leak
      Documentation update Docs for the following functions updated: Auto Adjust, Contrast/Hue/Saturation/Value/Exposure/Noise/GaussianBlur/Shear/InsertImage/InsertROIImage
      Addition of I16 type, error management Modification of all functions for I16 support Error handling added to understand function errors better, like incorrect type

      Note: Users should update their toolkit to this latest version to enjoy the new features and improvements. Please refer to the TIGR Toolkit documentation for detailed instructions on using these enhancements.

      For Further Assistance:

      LabVIEW compatibility versions

      LabVIEW64 2020SP1, LabVIEW64 2021SP1, LabVIEW64 2023Q3, LabVIEW64 2024Q1 are supported with this release.

      Version of CUDA API

      CUDA 12.3 &  Cudnn 8.9.0

      Use GIM our unified installation platform to make HAIBAL working properly with Cuda (do not install cuda by yourselve our tool is here to simplify your life !!).

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