Reply To: Using UNet for Automatic Segmentation of CT Lung Images

Peter HerrmannPeter Herrmann

    Dear Youssef,

    Since the previous model was not that efficient, I would like to program a UNet from scratch with HAIBAL.
    That was also the main reason why I chose HAIBAL. There are now so many modifications that are simply not feasible with the DeepLTK, such as 3D UNet for example

    In our research project, the goal for me is to program a multiclass segmentation. So to segment different organs in the CT image or in the MRT (magnetic resonance imaging) image. e.g. lungs, trachea, heart, liver etc.

    But first I have to master the basics in HAIBAL.  I need your help for the first basic steps in developing a UNet with HAIBAL.

    Maybe the following Keras examples will help you
    UNet (Kera’s example:
    SegNet (an encoder-decoder architecture,  https:/ /