Reply To: Using UNet for Automatic Segmentation of CT Lung Images

Peter Herrmann

    No Youssef, not on Keras.

    My model was only developed with Ngene´s Deep Learning Toolkit.

    I would like to program the same UNet architecture with Haibal. Then train the network and save the trained network (weights, configuration, etc.). I would then like to reload the trained and saved network in Haibal, segment unknown lung CTs and quantify them with my image processing software (which was also programmed with LabVIEW).


    The user interface that I programmed.


    UNet with downsampling path (Image size from 256×256 to 16×16 pixel, no of convolution filters from 64 to 1024) and upsampling path (upsampling and concatenation. Image size increase from 16×16 to 256×256 pixel and no of conv. filters decrease from 1024 to 64).


    Downsampling VI:


    Upsampling and Concatenation VI: