Reply To: How could I run HAIBAL in CPU mode


    Hi Peter,

    I just installed on my laptop HAIBAL

    LabVIEW version 2020 64bit.

    What is your version of LabVIEW ?


    If you want to run this example (add with two different layer shape), just go on documentation of this layer here and as it’s indicated

    All these exemples are snippets PNG, you can drop these Snippet onto the block diagram and get the depicted code added to your VI (Do not forget to install HAIBAL library to run it).

    Normally it will work.

    About examples inside library i started to integrate it yesterday i think i made some mistake, we will fix it asap. 

    i copy the sniped here, could you test please and tell me if it works ?

    About your seconde question, HAIBAL  works natively in CPU.


    if you want to chose between CPU GPU (doucmentation is coming) , after installing cuda properly with our platform installer  use set platform VI


    Please tell me if everything is ok now