HAIBAL 1.3.5 release notes

April 27, 2023

All release notes are available at this page .

Release Notes
Date of releaseย 
28 april 2023



Add2D done done
Add3D done done
Add4D done done
Additive Attention done done
AlphaDropout2D done done
AlphaDropout3D done done
AlphaDropout4D done done
AlphaDropout5D done done
Attention done done
Average2D done done
Average3D done done
Average4D done done
AvgPool1D done done
AvgPool2D done done
AvgPool3D done done
BatchNormalization2D done done
BatchNormalization3D done done
BatchNormalization4D done done
BatchNormalization5D done done
BatchNormalization6D done done
Bidirectional done done
Concatenate done done
Conv1D done done
Conv1DTranspose done done
Conv2D done done
Conv2DTranspose done done
Conv3D done done
Conv3DTranspose done done
ConvLSTM1D done Next release
ConvLSTM2D done Next release
ConvLSTM3D done Next release
Cropping1D done done
Cropping2D done done
Cropping3D done done
Dense done done
DepthwiseConv2D done Next release
Dropout2D done done
Dropout3D done done
Dropout4D done done
Dropout5D done done
Embedding done done
Flatten done done
GaussianDropout2D done done
GaussianDropout3D done done
GaussianDropout4D done done
GaussianDropout5D done done
GaussianNoise2D done done
GaussianNoise3D done done
GaussianNoise4D done done
GaussianNoise5D done done
GlobalAvgPool1D done done
GlobalAvgPool2D done done
GlobalAvgPool3D done done
GlobalMaxPool1D done done
GlobalMaxPool2D done done
GlobalMaxPool3D done done
GRU done done
LayerNormalization2D done done
LayerNormalization3D done done
LayerNormalization4D done done
LayerNormalization5D done done
LSTM done done
MaxPool1D done done
MaxPool2D done done
MaxPool3D done done
MultiHeadAttention done done
Multiply2D done done
Multiply3D done done
Permute3D done Next release
Reshape done done
RNN done done
SeparableConv1D done Next release
SeparableConv2D done Next release
SimpleRNN done done
SpatialDropout1D done done
SpatialDropout2D done done
SpatialDropout3D done done
Substract2D done done
Substract3D done done
Substract4D done done
Substract5D done done
TimeDistributed done Next release
UpSampling1D done done
UpSampling2D done done
UpSampling3D done done
ZeroPadding1D done done
ZeroPadding2D done done
ZeroPadding3D done done


โ€“ย Load H5 model from Keras is now totaly working with HAIBAL.

โ€“ We adopt the H5 for saving model.

โ€“ Get & Set layer activation now is available.

โ€“ Improve Get & Set Idx system security to avoid errors.

โ€“ Release U-Net: Convolutional Networks for Biomedical Image Segmentation model

โ€“ Added dilation rate for convolution

– Addedย  2 โ€“ 3 – 4 – 5 -6 D Metricsย  (AUC, Accuracy, BinaryAccuracy, BinaryCrossentropy, BinaryIoU, CategoricalAccuracy, CategoricalCrossentropy, CategoricalHinge, CosineSimilarity, FalseNegatives, FalsePositives, Hinge, Huber, IoU, KLDivergence, LogCoshError, Mean, MeanAbsoluteError, MeanAbsolutePercentageError, MeanIoU, MeanRelativeError, MeanSquaredError, MeanSquaredLogarithmicError, MeanTensor, OneHotIoU, OneHotMeanIoU, Poisson, Precision, PrecisionAtRecall, Recall, RecallAtPrecision, RootMeanSquaredError, Sensitivity, SensitivityAtSpecificity, SparseCategoricalAccuracy, SparseCategoricalCrossentropy, SparseTopKCategoricalAccuracy, Specificity, SpecificityAtSensitivity, SquaredHinge, Sum, TopKCategoricalAccuracy, TrueNegatives, TruePositives)

LabVIEW compatibility versions

LabVIEW64 2022 are supported with this release. (for LabVIEW 2020 & 2021 release please contact us)

Version of CUDA API

CUDA 11.7 & ย Cudnn 8.5.0

Use our platform installer tool available in download section to make HAIBAL working properly with Cuda (do not install cuda by yourselve our tool is here to simplify your life).

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