Welcome to the GRAIPHIC Community

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      Welcome to the GRAIPHIC Community

      Welcome to the GRAIPHIC Community! The GRAIPHIC Community is a peer-to-peer support and collaboration community made up of volunteers. The community serves as a meeting point where you can post any questions, thoughts, or suggestions you may have regarding GRAIPHIC products. Our experts can read your post and reply with their input.

      Before you jump in, we recommend you first read our User Guidelines to ensure the best experience for yourself and others.

      If you are new here, here are a few quick tips to help you get started:

      1. Have a question? Start with a search.

      It’s possible there is already an answer to your question within one of the forum boards.

      2. Ready to make a post?

      Take a look at our board listings to find the most appropriate place to start your topic.

      3. When writing your post, be sure to provide as many relevant details as possible.

      Information such as product versions, operating systems, hardware used, code in the form of a VI of your LabVIEW project, applicable screenshots, error numbers or error descriptions will help your fellow forum users better answer your question. You will also want to provide information on any troubleshooting you have already attempted.


      Thank you for being a part of our community! We look forward to seeing your contributions!

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