Announcement of the release of TIGR and GIM

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      It’s true that we haven’t communicated much in the last few days and why?

      Simply because we are working hard to officially announce two important new products at Graiphic.

      We are on the way to make LabVIEW the language of deep learning with HAIBAL but, although it is an excellent product, it lacks the computer vision part which makes us dependent on other software. For the convenience of our users, we have decided to fill this gap by developing the TIGR (tensor and image by graiphic) toolkit.

      TIGR is our vision module which has the particularity of integrating artificial intelligence. TIGR can be used in addition to HAIBAL or separately because it has a complete toolbox of functions that are totally complementary to HAIBAL, such as the ability to run YOLO models from TensorFlow, Darknet or ONNX.

      But that’s not all. As we want our community to have access to all our packages and the latest updates in an easy way, we decided at the same time to develop our package management and installation tool. I called it GIM (Graiphic installer & management softwares).

      GIM will also allow you to download deep learning model packages for use with HAIBAL, TIGR and more.

      GIM will also offer installations of platforms such as CUDA, giving you the ability to easily use the power of your graphics card with toolkits.

      GIM will offer all our packages, upgrades and installations SIMPLIFIED! GIM will also manage the licenses as we have developed our own system.

      Finally, you should know that the Graiphic license gives access to all our packages.
      The Graiphic 365 suite aims to provide a set of complementary and compatible tools to accelerate the development of applications in research and industry with computer vision and deep learning.

      We are currently completing the testing phase, release is imminent.

      Isn’t life great?

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