Reply To: Memory Error 3 in modified UNet


    Dear Peter,

    Ok let me finish all the test on memory and we will start a non official intermediary version for LV2022 (i’ll updload the link of 2022 and notify you as soon as we are ready –> compilation take at lease 7 hours because of number of VI so i think in best of case it will be ready by tomorrow)

    About Keras, yes in the next release we will be able to load H5 from keras natively in HAIBAL. It mean if you find models in H5 helping you in your work you’ll be able to load them. (And in an other future release we will be able to generate the whole architecture, giving you the possibility to modify it with HAIBAL and keep weights !! 😎)

    Our saving file format will be a little different so HAIBAL h5 will not be readable with Keras. (maybe in a future update we will devellop a small tool converter H5 HAIBAL –> H5 Keras “xxx version”)