Building Executables from Graiphic Toolkits with Builder Tool

February 14, 2024
    • Install the Builder add-on from GIM.
    • In LabVIEW, in the tools menu, launch the Builder.
    • When you launch the program, a window will open. Select the project you want to build on.
    • Select the Builds to be performed.
    • Click on the arrow to start building.
    • The construction window opens, wait until construction is complete before continuing.
    • Cliquez sur “Done“.
    • Run the build and wait for the front panel to appear, which will allow you to retrieve the DLLs used by the GRAIPHIC toolkit.
    • On the first page, select the toolkit(s) present in your executable.
    • On the second page, select the hardware(s) compatible with the toolkit(s) in your executable.