Academia program

Adapted to the university environment, the Academia program gives students free access to the LabVIEW deep learning toolkit.

Main conditions to be met

Only for students

This program is exclusively for students.


Be a part of our community

A quick presentation of your project on the forum.

Having an academical tutor

There are licensing quotas per university and a tutor will have to vouch for you.

Details of eligibility rules

Frequently asked questions

What is the duration of a student license ?

If you meet all the requirements we will send you a 6-month GRAIPHIC license.

Can I apply for a license again the following year ?

Yes, if you are still a student and still meet the eligibility requirements you can apply for a license the following year.

Can we request a renewal ?

Yes, once the term of your first license has expired and provided you meetΒ the renewal requirements, we can provide you with a 6 month renewal.

I am a student without a tutor, am I still eligible?

Yes, this will give you the right to a student license for 3 months instead of 6.

How many licenses can be requested per student ?

This is aΒ restrictedΒ name licence that can be installed only once on a single workstation.

Ask for a student licence

I meet all the selection criteria for a free student license.